Python - Getting Started: Basic Tools

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Getting Started: Basic Tools


Follow the instructions in python Beginners Guide. On most Linux distributions Python comes pre-installed.

## example for debian based distros
$ sudo apt install python3
$ python --version
  • python-dev is the package that contains the header files for the Python C API, which is used by lxml. You need to install, if you are going to compile python extension modules.

Hello World

Python files always end with the .py extension. If you’re using more than one word in your filename, the convention is to use snake case.

print('Hello, world!')

Notes about the code:

  • There’s no need for a main funtion, unlike in C.
  • The print directive simply prints out a line, unlike in C.
  • There’s no need for to end the line with a semicolon ; to indicates that thee expression is over, unlike in C.

Compile and run

You won’t notice a compiler because it runs automatically

$ python
Hello, world!



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